My Testimonials

Really helped a lot. I got better with football, focusing and frustrations, and it helped me with my fears. Thank you so much!

I am Janie’s daughter, I wanted to tell you how much I admire you and the program you have in place to improve my mum’s communication ability. When she first had a stroke I despaired for her, as I know that her ability to communicate, articulate, express herself, and calculate are closely tied to her to her self esteem and feelings of self-worth. I was with her for the first month following her stroke and I was worried about how to proceed in developing her communication abilities.

Mum has always been someone who has read widely, listened well, and a wonderful conversationalist. Continued learning has been one of her lifelong practices and she has fought hard to maintain her independence throughout many health set backs in the last few years.

Once she began to practise in your innovative and thoughtful programmes her feelings of self-worth and self esteem began to return. Her practice of lifelong learning was recommenced, and she was able to do something positive, something independent and something challenging on a daily basis.

I have been a practising RN [Registered Nurse] in many and varied fields of medicine for 40 years.

You are one of the few practitioners, in any discipline, that I have seen truly provide a holistic person-centred approach to your practices.

The outcomes for my mother have been truly remarkable and I congratulate you.

Without your programmes, I fear that she would have had many times when she was isolated and even lonely.

Thank you.

Kate, Kawa Kawa, New zealand (Occupational Therapy colleague)

Helen has been great to work with….and the clients tell me they look forward to coming to see her.She seems to have a knack of holding their motivation and getting good results. It shows when I do home visits. Their speech is clearer, and when her name is mentioned they always respond positively. A lovely colleague with a strong team spirit and a great communicator. We need lots more like her.

You are a beautifully kind person. Julie, Bristol.

I loved what you brought to the group – really interesting insights and original living. Karen, Stoke.

Such a lovely lady, calm presence, lovely smile. Tania, Bath.

You are a wonderful, calming presence Helen – so lovely to be around. Judy, Bristol.

Calming, and true quality of presence. Sandra, Gloucester.

Lovely to meet such a genuine and authentic person – keep smiling and laughing! Briony, Bristol.