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Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, BSc, DCH

Hi, I am Helen, a qualified Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist in Hemyock, in the Blackdown Hills. I received my diploma from Inspiraology Hypnotherapy Training, who provide a fully accredited,market leading, hypnotherapy training programme.

I have been on the path to finding inner peace and freedom and helping others to do the same for nearly 15 years. Prior to qualifying as a hypnotherapist, I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist both privately and in the NHS, in various locations around the UK, and in New Zealand. I specialised in stroke rehabilitation and voice, assessing and providing tailored therapy for patients and clients. However, I came to realise that when working with stroke survivors, assessment wasn’t providing an accurate picture of the client and therapy was hindered due to their high stress levels and anxiety. This was understandable given they had recently had a life-changing stroke – most of their attention was consumed by their stress. This set me on a journey of exploring how to work with the person before their impairment, to then address their new difficulties more effectively and successfully. I started to use guided meditations to help with relaxation, and then come up with my own scripts to address the specific needs of the client. I was amazed at how powerful this was and ended up spending much of my sessions doing this. Subsequently, therapy aimed at their speech and language difficulties was much easier, so although we had less time to do this, it was a more efficient use of our time together in the end.

This led me to publishing about a book on the subject (Working with Stress and Tension in Clinical Practice Working with Stress and Tension in Clinical Practice: A Practical Guide (, as I was invited by Taylor and Francis, a publisher specialising in medicine and healthcare and humanities and social sciences to write for them. This was a wonderful opportunity to explore the subject further and discover the power of the mind. We all have so much within us – so much potential that we are unaware of! With this knowledge and understanding and direct experience with helping clients I am passionate about empowering others and helping them discover who they really are and all they are capable of.

I have also studied Emotional Freedom Technique with Karl Dawson (Hay House author), Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and Laughter Yoga with Joe Hoare, and I have been keenly interested in breathing techniques such as the Buteyko technique for the purposes of stress reduction. All these techniques are aimed at empowering individuals, creating a core of peace whilst at the same time increasing vitality. I am therefore able to combine all my knowledge and experience to provide holistic and life-changing therapy, perfectly suited for you.

Helen Morris
Working with Stress and Tension in a Clinical Practice. By Helen Morris
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